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Mission Statement:

The primary mission of Central Coast Travel Adventures is to provide valuable, personal information about the San Luis Obispo region of the Central Coast of California.  The information will help individuals find things to do, places to stay, restaurant to dine and shops to visit and much more. 

What we do:

Central-coast-travel.com is a publication of Creative Exploits Publishing Company.   Our purpose is mulitidemisional.  We want to provide the basics but we also want to give you our personal adventures.  We will provide you with pictures, advise and current information on each city in the region and much more.  We want visitors to enjoy the Central Coast of California, San Luis Obispo region as much as we do. 

In addition, we what to help our visitors plan and implement an adventure to our coast.  We will provide booking information, maps and other needed tools to make a vacation or day trip, a tremendous success.

Company History

Creative Exploits Publishing was started several years ago with a simple desire to build content, theme based websites which drive traffic.  The first web project was goinggreen-forlife.com.  This website was sold and the second project, central-coast-travel.com was started.  Our first site was extremely successful and is still on the web under different ownership.  Our plan is to develop a system of travel websites about the Central Coast of California.  Our long term goal is to create websites for each area of the USA we visit. 


Mary Wilkerson

Mary was raised in southern California with a degree in art from Cal-State Fullerton.  She worked as an artist for over 30 years and has a great talent for creating websites with a great look and feel.  She loves fresh maryfollowers, sea air and Monterey pines.  She grew up a few blocks from the beach in Orange County and always wanted to live in Cambria.  About 10 years ago her dreamed came true. She sold her business in the valley and moved to Cambria.  She is an exceptional wood carver and painter and now helps builds websites. The good thing about Mary is, she is my wife.  She has more energy than a locomotive and is the driving force behind Creative Exploits Publishing.

Bob Wilkerson

Bob is co-owner of the publishing business and his function is to build the websites and sell advertising for the site.  He came to the Central Coast of California from Biloxi, Mississippi over five years ago after hurricane Katrina. In the south he worked in the field of communications and counseling for many years and bobloves to create content, keyword based websites which generate free traffic.  His passion for the Central Coast is what drives the website forward towards becoming the number one travel site on the coast. Bob, puts a southern twist to everything he does.  If you locate a ya'll or other southern terms on the site they are his doings.  He is a delightful, colorful character with plenty of charisma and experience.

Central Coast Travel Adventures or central-coast-travel.com is moving at a rapid pace.  In less than one month the site is already ranked in the top 1% among similar sites by Alexa.  After one month the site is already receiving about 40 visitors per day.  We have great expectation concerning this site and the sites to come in the future.

We hope you enjoy our site and take advantage of all the central coast information contained in your pages.

If you would like to know more about our growing web business click here.


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