Central Coast Wild Life Zoo

The Charles Paddock Zoo and Atascadero Lake and Park

Atascadero, California is a small city about 10 miles south of Paso Robles, California.  This little town has many things to do but the zoo and lake are one of the main attractions in Atascadero.

The Atascadero Lake and Charles Paddock Zoo are located in the beautiful city of Atascadero, California.  The lake and zoo are right beside each other and we highly recommend a visit to the zoo and park. 

If you would like to see the tigers eyes up close Click Here.

My wife and I visited the zoo on a cloudy day in November 2010. We were actually surprised to find the park and lake in the same location.  Mary, my wife wasn't interested in the zoo so she walked our dogs through the wonderful, little park while I took pictures  of the animals in the zoo.

You can walk the zoo and see all the wild life zoo animals in about 10 minutes.   The zoo doesn't have a million plus animals but  the ones they do have are really cool.

I was taking pictures of the monkeys when I noticed a few people gathered by this big cage and my curiosity sent me running in that directions. 

When I got a little closer I understood why all the people were standing gawking through the bars.  There was this big ole tiger eating a dead rabbit.  Wow, that was so neat.  The tiger was only 20 feet away and you could see it up close.  It was really awesome to be that close to the tiger.

tiger eating a rabbitWILD LIFE ZOO!

The Charles Paddock Zoo  is a little different than any zoo I have visited because I could get really close to the animals.

I enjoyed my trek around the zoo taking pictures and looking at the animals.  I think it is worth the time to stop and visit the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero, California. For more information and directions to the zoo click on this link Wild Life Zoo Atascadero.

After I finished my picture taking adventure I bolted out the gate in search of my wife and two dogs.

distant morrobayrock
Atascadero Lake and Park

My wife was walking at a brisk paced towards me telling me to hurry.  Actually all she wanted was the camera.  I hurry my pace a bit because I wanted to see what she was so excited about.

I topped this little hill and saw the beautiful, little lake and I understood why she was excited.  My wife took the camera from around my neck with a jerk.  Kidding, I handed her the camera and I took the dogs and walked them through the park while she took pictures of the lake.

The leaves on the trees were turning colors and it was absolutely gorgeous.  This park is the perfect place to picnic, play with the kids or just relax under a big Oak tree.

My wife took some great pictures and the one I like the most is the one below.  The lake had scores of ducks and other wild birds floating around the lake.  This central coast adventure turned out to be extremely interesting and fun. For more information on the lake and park Click Here.

For more information about state Highway 41 and all the sites on this historical road Click Here.


More Pictures of the Park and the Wild Life Zoo in this video.

Lake Santa Margarita is relatively close to the zoo and park.  For more information on the this beautiful lakeClick Here

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