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Advertising is the life blood of any businesses.  If you don't advertise you can plan to fail.  Advertising comes in various forms and shapes and on line, paperless, advertising is one way many businesses are choosing to CREATE SALESYou do want more sales!

Paperless advertising can be exploited and misunderstood.  However, it does not have to be complicated nor ludicrously priced

The small business owner can benefit from on line advertising if they understand the basics. 

Online ads differ greatly from paper ads.  If you look at it the facts the difference is easy to find.   Paper ads or hard copy adds reach a specific number of project reads. Circulation is the primary selling point.  But the draw back to hard copy adds is the target market is ambiguous and depends on the readers motivation to pick up the hard copy and read.  In addition, the reader has to stop and read the ad, copy the information and then make a decision to act on the information.  After a period of time the reader forgets about the ad and moves on to the next page.

Online advertising is special and unique because it is drive in by keywords or content which drive pre-sold traffic to a website and a specific page.  Online Advertising works!

The most wanted response for any publisher or advertiser is a click on a link.  Once the click is made it can be registered and tracked. A click on a link means a pre-sold customer has arrived.  Online advertising not only get pre-sold readers but it allows a businesses to track how many people actually came to their site or business.

With the economy in the shape that it is in advertising must keep its focus and businesses need to be able to track and account for every dollar spent and the online advertising can provide advertisers with a conversion rate.  How many people actually by a product once they click into your site.

We offer our advertisers pre-sold visitors, content keyword driven pages which yield a high rate of conversions.  The best part of our advertising program it is not complicated.  We do not deal with Pay Per Click or Clicks Per Thousand Impressions.  Many of the large companies opt for the method but for the small business owner who is on a specific budget this leaves an unknown factor in their budget.

We offer direct pricing which is guaranteed in writing for a specific amount of time.  We provide a monthly report on click through and impressions so our advertisers can know how many people actually see their ad and click into their site. 

We also offer, at reasonal prices, to develop and design site for small business who need a web presence or store.  We also preform web maintenance for those business with a site but have no idea what the site is doing or how to update photos and content.

Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates

Text Link Advertising Tier 2 or 3 Page

$153.00 for 6 months or 85 cents per day or $306 per year

A text link is a one paragraph text with link.  The paragraph can be no more than two to three sentences including the link to advertisers page. The text link must be applicable with the page where it is located. Approximately 60 words or less.

Graphics and Link Tier 2 or 3 Page

Right Side - 190 x 140 pixels graphics with link $350 for 6 months or $1.90 per day or $700 per year

Sky Scrapper Banner in Right Column $400 with link for 6 months or $2.20 per day or $800 per year

Graphics and link in the body of a page can be negotiated. Flash or video advertising can be negotiated per project.

Home page advertising can be negotiated.



Our site is 6 months old as of 11/19/2010.  We are averaging 500 visitors a day. Our Alexa rating today is 442,165.  We are currently running 105 pages with more pages added every day.  Get your ads in now!  We project a 20% growth per month.  We are already one of the top rated Travel sites on the Central Coast.  We also plan on building a site for each region of the Central Coast of California. 


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