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The Bishop Peak Trail - SLO, Ca.
bishops Peak
Spectacular Views

The Bishop Peak Trail is located in San Luis Obispo and from the top of the peak you can see as far as the eye will allow. This is one cool hike and after climbing the peak let us know what you think about your trip.

When you think of California hikes what do you picture in your mind?"  Do you think of a liezurely stroll along the Pacific ocean?   Maybe you invision walking along a grassy hill with the sun pleasantly beaming across your face.  Well, this hike can get extremely challenging if you are not an experience hiker.

The Bishops Peak trail is only 2.2 miles, one way,  but it is a tough hike  Make sure you wear good hiking boots/shoes, plenty of water, especially if your hike is made during the summer months. San Luis can get really warm during the summer so make sure to stay hydrated.

California Hiking Trails - Bishops Peak Trail

California Hikes -  If you are looking for a fun day in the outdoors mingled with some moderate to heavy walking this is the trail for you. 


1.   As mentioned, this trail is about 2.2 miles one way. It is good hike so make sure you bring a backpack  full of goodies, water and anything else you might need to stay safe.  The hike will take you about 3 hours unless you are in super shape and run half the way.

Directions to the Trail: Of course the directions depend on where you are coming from.  First, get on hwy 1 in San Luis.  Right here is when you need a GPS device.  However, there are few people in the USA that still use actual paper maps, like we do. We have provided a map to help you find the trail. In this neck of the wood California Hikes with a GPS or without a GPS. California Hikers are a brave bunch and if a person has the hiking bug they will find a way to the trails starting point.

No GPS - Off hwy 1 go west on Foothill Blvd.  From San Luis Obispo head west toward Los Osos on Foothill Blvd. Turn Right on Patricia Drive. Head straight until you reach the stop sign at Highland Drive. Continue straight for 1/4 mile. On the left you will see three black post blocking an open driveway, and a sign "TRAIL" marking the entrance. As a courtesy to neighbors, please park on the Bishop Peak side (west) of Patricia Drive away from homes.  Maybe the map below will help you find the trail head.

3.   One Review of the trail
Gina, a fellow hiker, had this to say about the Bishop Peak Trail"If you're ever in San Luis Obispo & up for some outdoor fun, go climb bishop peak! It's a mild-to-mod nice hike. Roundtrip took us approximately 1hr & 45min. I think the toughest part of the hike was the end when you had to climb through huge rocks to get to the "peak." It gets a tad bit windy up there, so be careful. You get an awesome 360 degree view from up top, and you get a good view of the cal poly campus as well.

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