Cayucos, California

Americas Coolest Small Town! 

Cayucos Pier

Surfing - Great Food - Plenty of Fun - Laid Back and Pleasant

When locals talk about this unique town the word "surfing" is always included in the conversation.  The town is known as the coolest small town in America but it also known for its laid back attitude, surfers and parties.

When my wife and I visit this terrific, little central coast town  it's usually to walk on the pier and eat fish and chips. There are many different types of restaurants in the town but I happen to like fried fish.  So, we always stop get an order of fish and chips.

If you like to fish you can certainly wet a hook on the long pier.  We don't fish but we do like to watch the fishermen on the pier attempting to catch a whale. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We have two Shih Tzus dogs and these dogs are our kids.  We want to take them with us when we venture out across the central coast.  Some beaches will not allow dogs and some beaches allow dogs on a leash. 

The beaches around this little town are dog friendly and our dogs love the beach.

Shih Tzu on Cayucos beachMary and the Dogs!

One of the strangest things about the central coast is each town is unique.  Each town has a distinct personality.  For example, Cambria is known for its artistic people, old hippies and a girl with cat ears.  I guess I will tell the story.  When I first arrived in Cambria from Biloxi, Mississippi there was a girl standing on the corner in a cat suit.  I had never seen anything like it in my life.  My wife told me to shut up and look the other way.  Of course I stared but the girl apparently had some sort of cat fixation.   She is still in town but she doesn't wear the cat suit as often.

Cayucos on the other hand is a little more predictable.  You will see more kids on the streets riding skate boards and just hanging around.  The kids are harmless, no gangs as far as I know, just surfers and skate board riders.

You can see the Morro Bay Rock and the stacks from the beach.  You can see those big, old stacks from just about anywhere.  If you get lost just look for the stacks.

If you would like to see the wooden Indians Click Here.

distant morrobayrockmorro bay stacks

The Three Most Important things to know about Cayucos.

 DO - You can knock around the many shops, stores and gift shops in town. Right in the middle of town, at one of the watering holes, you will find the wooden Indians.  They are just standing there waiting for someone to take there picture.  If you get tired of browsing the stores you can always take a walk on the pier mentioned above.  You can fish, drink wine and eat fried fish.  The local chamber of commerce has a complete list of events and things to do Click Here for more information.

STAY - The town has a few good motels and a couple of Bed and Breakfast places.  We will give you more information on places to stay soon.  I suggest you use Kayak to get the best rates possible.  All of the motels and hotels on the Central Coast of California book up fast.  So, make your reservation now with Kayak.

EAT- Fine dining, casual dining or maybe just a quick hamburger, whatever you are hungry for is located in our unique list of eateries.  Some of the restaurants will even allow your dog to dine with you.  For  a complete list of restaurants

Click Here. .

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