Antique Jewelry

Revival Jewelry by Judith Larmore

Cambria Art at its Best!

Judith Larmore

Judith Larmore is the perfect example of a Cambria artist.  Her designs are absolutely amazing.  She produces some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. 

She is dedicated to designing Revival Jewelry in the her studio behind Santa Rosa Creek Chapel. 

Judith is the caretaker for the Chapel, performs wedding and drinks coffee with her good friends a Lily's Coffee Shop every morning. She is a great artist and a fantastic person. 

judith's studioJudith's Studio!

When you walk into Judith's studio you can feel the presence of love, joy and commitment to excellence. 

When ask about her jewelry and her life she says, "
I have always loved all things old and believe they carry forward their own energy. As caretaker of a 130 year old chapel, I am very fond of all things spiritual. My revival jewelry is created from antique and vintage pieces, religious icons and crafted with love. As I build each piece it "speaks" to me and guides my composition. Please take a moment to peruse my collection.

I also am happy to do custom pieces with your own treasures. I believe the things we hold dear should be taken out of drawers and cupboards and worn and loved each day. Please contact me with your needs and we can develop a design."

On your next visit to Cambria you need to go by Lily's Coffee Shop, 2028 Main Street, Cambria, where Judith's  "Revival Jewelry" is for sale.  Lily's has the best coffee in town so make sure drink a cup of coffee, buy a few pieces of Judith's jewelry and tell them Bob sent you.


The piece  in the picture above is one of my favorite designs.  Judith has the capability to create amazing antique jewelry and she can do specialized designs.  If you would like more information about Judith Larmore's Designs Antique Jewelry Click Here.

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