Cayucos California!

The Frontier Surf Village on the Central Coast!

Cayucos is a unique village on the Central Coast of California.  When you enter the town it is hard to tell if it is an old west, shoot em up town, or a surfing village. 

The mixture of western shops, ornaments, wooden Indians, surf boards and surfing shops create a paradox.  Is it western or surfing?  Can the two go together?  I guess it can because it does in Cayucos California.  If you will look at the pictures in the video above you will see just how wonderfully the two, western and surfing, mix. 

Actually, the town is really cool.  The beaches, the pier and surfing seems to take the lead when it comes to attraction.  However, if you walk main street you will find the famous wooden Indians and saloons.

Why should you visit Cayucos?  There are so many wonderful places to visit on the Central Coast.  What is the primary draw to Cayucos California?

I believe the best part of this little beach village, Cayucos California is the pier, the sandy beaches and the wooden Indians.  I love the water, the smooth sand and surfing but the wooden Indians remind me of the little town in Southern,Oklahoma where I was born.

Wilson, Oklahoma, a sure enough old west town.  Now, they don't have beaches, surfers or an ocean but they do have wooden Indians on the street.  So, every time I visit Cayucos, which is often, I think of Wilson, Oklahoma.  In fact, Wilson is where Chuck Norris grew up and they even have a Chuck Norris museum. 

I hope you take the time to visit the cool little beach, western town of Cayucos, California.

For more information click on this link Cayucos California

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