Decanting Your Wine!

wine decanting
The Central Coast of California is famous for its wine country, wine tasting tours and fabulous vineyards.  Many people enjoy tasting wine but some people, like me, have no idea how to appropriately participate in the event.

We have invited Vaso Johnson an expert in the field of decanting wine  to educate us on the subject.
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Decanting your Wine - Tips on how to Decant your wine the right way.

by Vaso Johnson

If you want to improve the taste of your wine, you should decant it. This is a step that many people skip and then never realize how much they miss out on the great taste that a drink can get once it has been decanted or aerated.

The process of decanting your wine is basically all about removing the sediments or deposits that are at the bottom of the bottle. What you actually do is pour the drink from the bottle to the container while leaving the sediments behind so they don't enter in your glass when drinking it. Another aspect of decanting is the process of aerating your wine and allowing it to breath. This simply means that the wine mixes up with the oxygen which allows it to enhance the flavor and taste and bring out the full bouquet and aroma in your drink.

The best types of wines to go through the decanting process are the full bodied red wines. This is because they usually content more sediments than the other types. The wines that had 6 to 15 years to age contain the most sediments based on various researches, so they should be decanted regularly before drinking. It is important to note here that once the wine is decanted it should be consumed soon after, as the drink ages fast and it starts losing its great taste and aroma after 1-2 days. Usually wine is served an hour after being decanted.

Another important point is that older wines, that have ages between 20 and 30 years should not be decanted. The reason is because they are really mature and more fragile, so it's very easy for them to lose their wonderful aroma through the process of decanting your wine. You should simply pour the well aged wine directly from the bottle to the glass with care so that the sediments don't rise to the surface.

One of the best crystal decanter types for red wine is the famous Bohemia crystal decanter. Serving wine from it is something that many collectors from all over the world love doing for their guests.

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