The French Corner Bakery

Specialty Cakes & Desserts - Sandwiches

2214 Main Street - Cambria, CA
Corner of Main & Burton

Handcrafted Breads - Cakes - Desserts - Sandwiches

The French Corner Bakery in Cambria, California is a family owned Bakery with great food, service and friendly smiles. 

Miguel and his wife Guadalupe are the greatest!  My wife and I have been buying freshed baked bread and pastry from The French Corner Bakery for years. The coffee is supreme and no charge for refills.

The desserts are delicious.  The Cheesecake is homemade and taste divine.  My wife and I love the French Corner Bakery and so does everyone else in Cambria.

The French Corner Bakery makes everything from scratch using fresh quality ingredients and produce.  the pastry chef is fully skilled in an array of handmade flowers, tassels, sashes etc.

french corner bakerySpecialty Cakes and Wedding Cakes are available from the bakery.  If you are planning a wedding in Cambria or on the Central Coast make sure to talk to Miguel or Guadalupe about your wedding cake. 

The Lemon Cream Cake is fantastic.  It is filled with fresh lemon curd and the sides frosted with a delicious butter cream.  The Bakery makes the best cakes on the Central Coast of California. For more information about specialty cakes call 805-927-8227

In the mood for a Fresh Sandwich?

Cold Sandwiches include: Fresh Mossarella, Smoked Turkey, Ham, Big Sur Tuna Avocado.  The fresh Smoked Turkey is my favorite.

If you like hot sandwiches the bakery has the greatest which include: Pork, Chicken, Ham, Breaded Beef or if you prefer you can get a combination of meats.  They also offer, Italian Meatball Sandwiches, Hot Pastrami and the their famous Phili Sub.  Regardless of which Sandwich you select it will always be fresh and perfectly make.

I am certain you will enjoy the French Corner Bakery as much as we do and BE SURE TO TELL THEM BOB AND MARY SENT YOU! 

For more information and directions click here French Corner Bakery. You can always give them a call at 805-927-8227

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