Hike Big Sur!!

Are you Ready for the Hike of Your Life?

big sur hiking

The Big Sur Area is Vast!
Hike Big Sur - The Big Sur area is a mountain range which runs from a few miles north of San Simeon, California to just south of Monterey.

This mountain range has many trails which are ready for hiking.  Most of these trails are rugged and you will certainly need to be a relatively experienced hiker. 

The picture above was taken in Ragged Point which is part of the Big Sur range.  The girls in the picture are looking down on a hiking trail which leads down to the ocean.

This trail is not for the weak of heart.  I have looked down upon this trail many times and I have never come up with the nerves to attempt a hike down to the water. 

hiking ragged point

This Ragged Point trails tumbles 400 feet down a rocky path with many turns and twist inbetween.  I think you need a mule with a rope tied to a tree at the top.  Yet, many tourist will brave this trail in order to make it to the beautiful water below.  Like I said, this trail is for the brave of heart.

Hike Big Sur - The Fire Road Trail.

big sur

Hike Big Sur- I have never hiked this trail but I understand it is not that hard.  However, I am also told you need to wear a good pair of boots.  So, if you are a tourist in flip-flops maybe you ought to give this hike a second thought.  However, my wife hiked down to Jade Cove in flip-flops and a dog under her arm.  So, go for it if you think you can make the trek.

This trail is a little hard to find and USDA Forrest Service Map is not much help.  I suggest you stop in Ragged Point and ask someone in the station.  It is my understanding the gate to the trail is very close to the Ragged Point Inn but I have never seen the gate so make sure to ask someone first. 

Hike Big Sur -  Hiking in this area of California can be dangerous so please make sure you use some good common sense, unlike my wife, and wear a jacket, take water and take off the darn flip-flopsand put on some shoes.

For more information on Hike Big Sur Click Here.

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