The Lions Club Pinedorado

The  Lions Club Pinedorado Parade and Events

The  Pinedorado parade was the first major event I attended after arriving in Cambria, California over five years ago. 

The entire town turns out to celebrate and party.  Every year on the first Saturday  of September festivities begins.  It is fun time with plenty of fun, food, drinks and events.  There is so much going on it is hard to keep up with all the things happening.  I love the parade, the car show, the barbeque's and time to socialize with all my friends.

No matter where you are from you will feel at home in Cambria.  Today is September 2, 2010 and I just got home from the parade.  You might not get to attend this year but take a look at all you missed and plan on coming next year.

Clowning it up in Cambria!

Clown Cambria California

The Pinedorado's 62nd Year
This Years Theme - "Home Town Heros"

Cambria Lions Club

The focus of this years Pinedorado involves honoring locals who serve in the military, specifically World War II Vets.  The 1st Marine Division Band based at Camp Pendleton, California came to help celebrate and honor the men in our town who bravely served our  wonderful country in World War.

Let me tell you something, the Marine Band was a delight to watch and listen to the beautiful music they preformed.
Marine BandMarine Band

The Lions Club Pinedorado offers the entire family something to and some mighty fine tasting food to enjoy.

It would be worth the time to jump in the car and drive to Cambria for this special event. 

I have not mentioned everything that goes on during Pinedorado but believe me when I say you will have a great time.

The Car Show is something special.  Show cars from all over the state show up and display their pimped rides.  If you like cars you will love the car show.

   The Car Show is Incredible!

gold car

If you want to watch a cool parade, eat some great barbecued chicken/beef or just look at some fine rides, Pinedorado is the place to come.  See you next year.

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