The Majestic Monarch Butterfly

The video above cannot explain the feeling one has when watching the butterflies float and flutter to their clusters.  It is phenomenal to behold their beauty and grace. 

When standing under the Eucalyptus trees you sense your in the presence of the kings and queens of the butterfly world.  If you have never seen the Monarchs you need to make this a must see.

These bold creatures are travelers. Something in their genetic code compels them to flight before the cold Canadian winter sends them to butterfly heaven.

The Monarch Butterfly leaves Canada and other regions to the north and mysteriously charts its path to Pismo Beach, California to spend the winter. 

It is reported the butterflies cross the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas to settle in the trees in Pismo.  It is also report they have the ability to travel up to 265 miles a day.  Can you image this little creature flying that far that fast?

Monarch Butterfly

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monarch butterfly

The butterfly in the hands of the docent was believed to be stung by a bee.  The docent was not really sure what happened to the butterfly but she had great expectations it would recover.

My wife and I have visited the colony on several occasions and we are always amazed at the beauty of the butterfly.  It was late in the day when we arrived but we still captured a few good shots of the Monarch Butterflies hanging from the trees in clusters.

We suggest you take the time to visit the colony and enjoy nature at her best.

For more information on click on this link Monarch Butterfly.

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