Morro Bay Beach!

The Central Coast of California has Beautiful Beaches.

sand dollar hunting

On your visit to the Central Coast of California a relaxing walk on Morro Bay Beach is highly recommended..

This beach is unique. In fact, all the beaches along the coast line are different and each one has a special feature or features to offer its visitors.

The beach in Morro Bay is located next to the famous icon, the rock.  The beach is flat and easy to walk and you can even take your dogs with  you  as long as you have them on a leash.

On your walk you can enjoy the sound of waves sliding ashore and rippling across the sand as they drifts back out.  This beach is famous for the legendary sand dollars which are nestled in the sand waiting to be discovered.

A slow stroll along the sea shore is healing.  You can let all your troubles and trials slip away and enjoy the cool ocean breeze. 

The Rock!

morro bay rock

The Rock is absolutely phenomenal.  The beach is located just north of the rock.  If you like you can park your car by the rock and take off walking.

On your walk, more than likely, you will see surfers braving the cold pacific waters to ride a special wave.  You will see and hear sea gulls and a wide variety of other birds.  If you watch the horizon you might even see a whale spout in the distance. 

The Morro Bay Beach is a special place for special people and we hope you will take time to visit this special place on the Central Coast of California

For more information on this unique beach click on this link Morro Bay Beach.

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More Pictures of the Morro Bay Beach!

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