Sea Glass Jewelry

 Jewelry From the Sea by Amy Reese

Cambria Sea Glass!

Amy Reese

Amy Reese is the perfect example of a Cambria artist.  Her designs are absolutely amazing.  She walks Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California every day in search of "Sea Glass" that washes ashore.  Her jewelry is spectacular.

She is dedicated to her art and her pleasant, sweet personality goes into every piece of jewelry she designs.  Her thoughts are of others and she wants others to know the joy of SEA GLASS JEWELRY. 

The Jewelry Amy Creates is made from various shapes, colors and sizes of beach glass.  She also collects and makes beautiful jewelry from broken Abalone shells.

amy studioAmy's Studio!

When you walk into house an twist back through the halls into her studio you can feel the presence of love, joy and commitment to excellence. 

When ask about her jewelry and her life she says, "I have been collecting sea glass from moonstone beach for over ten years.

Some of the sea glass I have found is also known as Vaseline Glass which in some cases can be between 50 to 100 years old. Source of information from books like Pure Sea Glass and

A Passion For Sea Glass are great tools to glean information, especially on rarity of colors. The history of sea glass is an interesting one and will get you hooked.

If you like I can make your bracelet from the glass you have collected, to make it even more special. Or you can request colors you are partial to, only if I have those colors. Keep in mind that each bracelet will be one of a kind.

My love of collecting these beautiful pieces will continue for ever.

Amy's work can be purchase online on her website or on Etsy. If you would like to see more of her designs and buy really cool pieces of  Cambria Sea Glass Click Here.


The piece  in the picture above is one of my favorite designs.  Amy has the capability to create amazing  jewelry and she can do specialized designs.  If you would like more information about Amy Reese's Jewelry Click Here.

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