Seal Elephant - Elephants of the Sea!

Birthing Time for the Giants of the Sea!

Today is Jan 16, 2011 and the Seal Elephant is giving birth on the beach in San Simeon, California.  Actually, the Elephant seals by the hundreds are giving birth on the beach.  It is so cool!

  We live in Cambria, California just 5 miles from San Simeon, home for this sea creature.  We go visit the giants on a regular basis.  Today on the beach the sun was shining, it was warm and comfortable.  There were more people viewing the seals than we have ever witnessed.  I mean, there were hundreds looking over the rail watching the females give birth and tend to their young.

We didn't see a birth but we did see a baby seal right after the birth.  We also saw many babies nursing on their mothers.

elephant seal

According to the Friends of the Seals, "The northern elephant seals come to the rookery twice a year – once in the late spring and summer for approximately one month to molt and once in the fall or winter to rest if they are young or to give birth and breed if they are mature. The rest of the year, ten months of the year for most of the animals, they are at sea."  To read the full article Click Here.

If you are visiting the Central Coast of California make sure to take time and visit the Seal Elephant rookery.

The Docents are friendly and will be more than glad to answer all your questions.  If you get some good pictures and want to share them with the world, just send us a copy.

We love the Central Coast of California and we especially love to visit the seals.  On the way to visit the seals you will pass Heart Castle and make sure to look for the Zebras.

The other day a rancher had to shoot three Zebras and the talk is they might remove the Zebras from the ranch.  We hope they stay but we also understand the problem the ranchers are having with the Zebra.  My point is, make sure to see them while they are still running wild on the ranch.

The pictures in the movie above are only a sample of the beauty of the Seal Elephant. You have to see , in person,  this majestic creature in order to get the full impact of the adventure.

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