Sunset in California!

The Most Beautiful Sunsets in the World.

sun set california

Sunset on the Central Coast of California is astoundingly beautiful. I do not have the vocabulary to adequately describe the sunset along the coastal beaches in California.  Sunset in California is special.

I have seen spectacular sunsets in the Gulf of Mexico but when I arrived in California after Katrina I witnessed sunsets unlike any I had ever seen.

I remember the first time I saw a California sunset. My wife and I were on Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California and I watched the sun melt into the Pacific Ocean.  It was awesome.

The Sky is on Fire!

sun set central coast

The sky looked as if it were on fire. You talk about a show, a light show from God.  It was so cool.

My wife grew up in California and she had seen many sunsets in California.  She told me to watch for the green flash when the sunset below the horizon.  Of course I had no idea what she was talking about.

I watched for the green flash and suddenly without any warning I saw the green flash.  The flash ran across the water like a duck trying to take flight.  Well, the truth is, I have never seen a green flash.  I have watched many sunsets in California but I have never seen the cotton picking green flash but I still keeping looking for the flash. 

When you are visiting the Central Coast of California make sure you take time to watch the sunset in California.  Maybe you will see the green flash.  If you see the green flash you might receive a reward or something.  I really don't think they exist but who knows.

For more pictures click on this link Sunset in California. 

  sunset central coast

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