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The Psychological Travel Planner

Anyone with a phone or computer can prepare an itinerary and GPS devices have made it extremely easy to navigate. 

You, more than likely, know where you want to go, how long your want to stay and how you are going to get to your destination. 

Important Question!  Are you and your traveling partners prepared psychologically for the adventure?

The CCT Adventures "Travel Planner" will  help you plan your trip to the Central Coast of California but that is not all we want to accomplish.  

Yes, We are going to provide the standard information you need and provide maps, booking information and methods but we want to include several psychological factors involved with taking a trip and make a plan to deal with these factors.

Planning Develops Expectations!

Planning a trip can be as much fun as taking the trip. In planning a vacation, a day trip or a weekend getaway you develop expectations concerning what you want to happen.  if you allow yourself to have appropriate expectations and know your travel partners expectations you will have an advantage.

Expectations and dreams are distinctly human and we want to give help make all your dreams come true. 

Travel Planner Itineraries are Simple!

We will give a pre-trip travel planning guide which will help you organize your travel.  However we don't want to stop with only facts and figures. The method of transportation is simple.  You will drive, fly or ride a train. 

Planning activities is easy but communication with travel partners is a must. It is relatively easy to figure out what you want to do, which is normally just have fun. However, if you don't examine expectations, communications and other important aspects of human behavior you might find your trip turning into a disaster. 

The Basics: What - Where - How!

Before going any further stop for a minute and work on the basics.  If you are going to be traveling with friends or family now is a good time to talk to them about the basics.  You might have one destination in mind and your partner might be thinking just the opposite. 

Travel Planner Essentials - Talk to each other and determine which city on the Central Coast would be the best place to spend the night.  It would be a good time to discuss what type of motel, bed and breakfast etc. you would like to acquire
.  Don't wait until the last minute to decide. 

1.  Where do you want to visit on the Central Coast? We have  develop this site in order to help you know the inside scoop about all there is to do on the Central Coast. Each picture on the right will take you to a different location to visit.

Use the maps below to look at each area along the central coast you plan on visiting.  The satellite map will zoom in on any location.  Make sure to get everyone involved.  If you don't you don't, are opening the situation up for arguement in the future.

directions sketch

2.  Goggle Maps - Goggle maps will help you plan your travel plans if you are going to drive.  Goggle Maps Driving Directions

3.  In planning your trip to the Central Coast we suggest you use Kayak to book your flight, motel, rental car or other vacation plans.

4.  What town do you want to stay in? We focus on the San Luis Obispo Region which runs from Pismo to Monterey.  Decide which town in that region you would like to stay.  Then use Kayak to check on rates and availability. 

5.  After you come up with a date, a place to stay and determine your method of travel it is time to add to your travel planner adventures.  A few questions to ask yourself.  What do you want to do first?  There are many itinerary planners you can use but the best way is write it out and come to an agreement before you leave. 

The Morro Bay Chamber has a great itinerary travel planner.  There is no need to re-invent the wheel so we are going to give you a link to a great planner.  Be sure to come back to our site when you are finished because we have only just started in our psychological travel plan. 

In the near future we are going to do another page on this subject.  If you can develop a positive frame of mind concerning those you travel with you will have a better chance of having a tremendous vacation.

We hope some of this information has been helpful in planning your adventure to the Central Coast of California.  We want happy tourist in our towns.  If we can help you in any way please contact us.  We will be glad to help assure you have the greatest adventure of your life.

Morro Bay
Moonstone Beach, Cambria
Moonstone Beach, Cambria, CA
Paso Robles
Paso Robles, CA
Cayucos, CA
San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo, CA
San Simeon
San Simeon, CA
Ragged Point
Ragged Point, CA
Harmony, CA