Beach Exercise!

Get Down and Get Healthy

Yoga on the beach

Beach Exercise can include yoga, upside down stretching and just about anything else you would like to do to get fit.

I love the picture above.  The guy in the pictured was looking right at me when I took the picture.  These pictures were taken on Pacific Beach in San Diego, California.  Ok, this site is about the Central Coast of California but I just couldn't let these pictures go to waste.

Exercise on the beach is healthy and fun.  In Cambria, Ca where we live we normally walk the beach.  We are getting a little too old to run but we love the walks on the beach which is enough for us. 

If you are planning a vacation to the Central Coast you have many beaches on which you can do yoga, run, walk or ride a bike.

Dancing on the Beach!

beach exercise

If all else fails why don't you try dancing a little on the beach.  In the picture above I was actually throwing a rock at my wife for taking the picture. She didn't realize I had a rock in my hand.  Any sort of exercise is great when you are on the beach, even if you throw a rock at your wife.  I didn't hit her. 

Exercise and beach exercise can take on many different forms.  When you visit the central coast just use your imagination.

Great Sites on the Beach!

Another great thing about walking or running on the beach is you get to see all sorts of great sites.  The views can include whales, seals and other things.

beach boy

For more information on beaches on the Central Coast click on this link.Beach Exercise

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