California Central Coast Surfing

California Central Coast surfing in Cambria is extremely popular.  The people who surf Moonstone Beach are a brave crew.

The water is intensely cold and the Great White Shark travels through the merky water looking for seals to eat. I have been told that sharks are not really a threat.

Just the other day a surfer was bitten by a shark.  Yet, these couragous individiauls love the sport of surfing so much the dangers take second place to the thrill.

I have a few friends who love the water, the thrill of riding the wave and the danger involved. 

Surfing on the Central Coast takes precedence over work, family and love.  Let me tell you something, these fantics will do anything to catch what they think is the perfect wave.

Personally I don't see the fun in freezing to death, taking a chance on a Great White Shark eating your foot off, or drowning. 

But, you have to understand I am from the Mississippi Gulf Coast where the waves are only a foot high unless a storm is coming into land. 

Oh well, just because I don't understand the sport doesn't mean I don't respect those who love to surf.

Surfing Moonstone

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Moonstone Beach Surfing

San Simeon State Park

Moonstone Beach in Cambria  is one area surfers collect when the waves are ready to ride. 

The Central Coast surfing is at it's best on Moonstone Beach.  If you are like me, surfing is out of the question but I do like to watch.

At times my mind tells me how much fun it would be to get out in the water and try surfing.  Yet, when my mind says surf my body says, "are you nuts".

Surfing is a great sport and on the Central Coast of California you will be able to find the perfect place to surf. 


If you are into surfing and camping you can find both on the central coast.  For more information just click on this link California Central Coast.

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