Cambria Ca Moonstone Fun!

Load up the babies, pack up the grand parents, dogs and a picnic basket and head out to Cambria Ca for some fun on Moonstone Beach.  You can't come to the Central Coast of California without an adventure trip to Moonstone.

Moonstone is synonymous with the terms beautiful, excitement and adventure.  Cambria has many things to see and do but all take a second chair to this spectacular stretch of the beach.

We took this trip to Moonstone in December and it was really nice and beautiful on the beach.  It doesn't matter what time of year it is in
Cambria Ca it is always fun to walk the beach and throw rocks into the waves.

When the  children visit we really do load up the car, the dogs and head down to the beach and Shamel Park.   The grandkids love running on the beach, swinging on the swings and picking up rocks and sea glass.

The day was eventful. The kids found star fish of various sizes and colors laying on the beach. My little Grandson Wesley would pick them up and brush them off and quickly thrown them back into the surf.

At the south in of Moonstone Beach the rocks became the focal point of our adventure.  All of us but grandma climbed the rocks and ventured out to the edge.  The kids loved the tide pools and all the creatures lurking around the edges of the rocks.

After the rocking climbing adventure, the kids had a great time running from the surf and playing in Shamel park.  If you watch the video above you will us pulling the kids along so they wouldn't get wet. 

If you are looking for the adventure of a life time be sure to visit Moonstone Beach in Cambria Ca.

If you would like to go on a treasure hunt on the beach click here.

           Moonstone Beach Cambria Ca

Go ahead and dive into the pages of our site.  We provide only original pictures  which we took on our own adventures.  If we can help you please feel free to contact us at Central Coast Travel.  Oh one more thing, we will be offering guided tours of Cambria, California in the near future.


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