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Do you want to go sports fishing or whale watching? Maybe you are desperately hungry for great sea food.  Are you looking for an array of unique shops?  Could it be possible you want to tease your taste buds with hand-crafted wines? Do you want to just relax and enjoy a creative view of the Morro Bay rock?  If you fall into any of the above categories you are in the right place.

The embarcadero in Morro Bay, California has a little bit of everything exciting and fun.  

Don't forget your camera. The bay is one our favorite places on the Central Coast.  The rock is fascinating, the shops are delightful and the salt water taffy is delicious. 

Regardless of your appetite for fun, views and food you will be totally satisfied with a visit to this wonderful area of Morro Bay, California.  Scroll down for more information about what to do, where to eat and stay in the bay.

The Rock from the Embarcadero!

Morro bay rock

My first visit to the Embarcadero  was in October of 2005 when my wife decided to take me on a Kayak ride in the tranquil waters of the Bay
.  I had been in a Kayak before but not a two seater and never in water so cotton picking cold.

The waters in the bay were indeed calm and reminded me of the quit shores on the Gulf of Mexico.  However, the water was clean and clear and I could even see fish swinning below the boat.  However, the resembalce to the Gulf was short lived. While Paddling along in our doubled sitted kayak my wife splatter me in the face with the ice cold water of the Pacific. 

Kayaking in the bay around the Embarcadero Morro Bay was awesome and educational. What I learned was to never get in the boat with my wife.  When you get to the Bay make sure you take time to rent a Kayak and go for a paddle.  Be sure to stay in the boat.

After our Kayaking adventure we walked slowly, hand in hand  from shop to shop, tasting salt water taffy and enjoying the smell of the sea. 

The Embarcadero Morro Bay is a blast.  The entire experience was delightful and one aspect which lingers on in my mind  is the delicious aroma of various types of food.  Man, if you are hungry when you get there you are in deep trouble.  You might as well stop and eat first.

We stopped at this delightful like fish place.  My wife ordered a bread bowl filled with creamy clam cowder and I order fried fish, my favorite.

The Embarcadero host many great restaurants.  If you like sea food, fine dinning or Mexican food you will find the perfect place to enjoy a great meal or snack.


While we were walking along on the Embaracdero Morro Bay I keep hearing this aweful squaking sound. It was faint at first but the farther we walked the louder it became.  It sounded like a hound dog hunting.  I finally ask my wife what it that strange sound was.

What do you think it was?  It was a seal.  We turned and went down to the edge of pier and right in front of my Mississippi eyes was a big ole seal.  It honestly sounded like a hound dog hunting rabbits. 
After being on the Central Coast and visiting the Embarcadero Morro Bay many times the seals no longer sound like dogs, they sound like seals.  You can also spot many Otters in the waters of the bay. 

Sports Fishing and Whale Watching!

sport fishing

I know you will love the Embarcdero Morro Bay and when you get tired of the bay come visit us in Cambria.  Ya'll have a great visit to the Central Coast of California.

For Events happening in the Morro Bay area and a planner visit this link Embarcadero Morro Bay


Don't forget to take time to watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean.  Sunset is a special time in Morro Bay or any other place on the Central Coast. 

Sunset gives you time to reflect on your travels and on your life.  We are so blessed to be able to enjoy such a wonderful place.  I hope you enjoy the time you spend with us and have a great adventure.

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