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Cambria Hiking Trails - We live in Cambria and I think we have been on every trail in the area.  We love to hike along the beaches, through the mountains and along the bluffs.  If you are a hiker, a walker or in search of out door adventure... Cambria is the place to visit.

We almost always take our two Shih Tzu dogs with us on our hiking adventures.  However, some trails don't allow dogs.  Some trails allow dogs on leashes.  If you are traveling with a dog make sure to check the signs on the trail to see if dogs are allowed.

We have so much fun walking along the creeks and on top of the hills over looking Cambria and we want to help you find the right trail for you.

To start, we are going to tell you about the Santa Rosa Creek trail. This trail is easy to find and takes you through the woods, creeks and meadows in Cambria.

The pictures below of our two dogs on Santa Rosa Creek trail in Cambira.  Cambria Hiking Trails is fun stuff for our two Shih Tzus.

The dogs love the trails as much if not more than we do.  Most trails allow dogs on a leash.

Abbie and Yuki on the hunt!

Shih Tzu in Cambria Hunting

The Santa Rosa Creek trail in Cambria starts from the water treatment plant on Windsor.  If you look for the Shell Station on Hwy 1 and turn south on Windsor Drive you can find the mouth to the trail. 

There is a little parking area on the left just after you turn on Windsor.  The best way to find the trail is the Shell station.  Once you locate the station turn left towards Moonstone Beach and Shamel Park.  The parking area is easy to see from the road.

the sign is not easy to see from the road but if you start looking to the left you will see the Santa Rosa Creek Trail sign.
Santa Rosa Creek Trail

The Cambria Hiking Trails can be the most fun you have while visiting the central coast. After hiking it is fun to stop and shop in some of the many stores in Cambria.  I suggest you take a jacket with you and if you don't have one try the Cambria Wildwood Store Cambria Hiking Trails Clothes - Cambria Wildwood

The Santa Rosa Creek trail is one way to get your exercise for the day.  Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes.  The trail wiggles along side of the creek and goes up and down hills.  If you walk this trail after it has rained be careful, it can get slippery.

The trail is about one mile each way and lets you drift into the splendor of nature.  If you walk the entire trail you will end up on Huntington road.   You can park a car at the end of the trail if you don't want to walk back.

Cambria Hiking Trails allow you to get outdoors and enjoy nature.
Wine Central Coast
Hope you enjoy your hiking experience on the Central Coast.  We are going to be posting every trail available.  So click on the orange RSS button below the Navbar to stay in touch while we continue to build the best travel site in the world. 

We have not included all the trials but you can contact the Cambria Chamber of Commerce for more information.

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