Hiking Trail! - Bill Kern Trail Cambria, California!

hiking trail cambria, ca
The Bill Kern Hike in Cambria, CA  3/17/11  by Bob Wilkerson

The Bill Kern hike is hard to find.  I lived in Cambria for several years before I noticed this small sign hanging from a tree on Trenton Rd in Cambria, California.  This hike is not even published in the guide to Cambria Area Hikes and Parks.  If you are looking for an outdoor adventure this hiking trail is for you.

It was Tuesday afternoon and nothing much going on in Cambria so I picked up the dogs and we took off alone in search of adventure.  My wife is going to kill me for not waiting on her to take the hike.  Oh well, what my wife doesn't know won't hurt her.  Kidding, I will tell her but I will sure get a tongue lashing.

As I already mentioned,The Bill Kern trail is hard to locate.  If you have a GPS in your car or on your phone type in Trenton Road in Cambria.  Maybe stop by the Cambria Chamber and pick up a map.  Once you locate Trenton start looking towards the west.  The sign for the trail is hard to see so keep your eyes peeled.

walking trail cambria, ca

The Bill Kern hiking trail will allow you to let the dogs off the leash and lead the way.  My female dog, Abby,  is the brave dog in our family.  She is always up for an adventure and most of the time leads the way.  Plus, the dogs are always marking the trail and they can get you back to your car.  There are many branches along this trail so keep up with which way you turn.

In the picture above, you can see this trail leads you through a dense forest area in Cambria.  Normally the path is easy to navigate but it can get muddy in the winter.

The trail leads you through the woods towards the Pacific Ocean.  You can hear the ocean waves crashing, birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees.  It is one cool hike. 

After about 30 minutes you run into the Fiscalline Ranch Trail.  You are high on the bluffs over looking the sea and it is absolutely breath taking.  You can see the mountains to the northeast where Hearst Castle is located.  On a clear day you can see the castle in the distance.

The Bill Kern hiking Trail is an easy hike.  This distance is hard to judge because once you hit the bluffs you can walk for miles. 

I did walked to the first hill to take pictures and then turned around and went back.It took us about an hour.  I would say we walked about a mile.  I am not really sure how far we went but it sure was fun.  If you would like more information click on this link Hiking Trail.



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